Talking Tubes – Engleza Predata Interactiv

Folosind tuburile TALKING TUBES am introdus activitatea de spelling in randul elevilor de la Activity English School. Consider importante activitatile de spelling in predarea limbii engleze, astfel am gandit cum sa facem din aceasta activitate un joc interactiv care sa ii capteze pe copii si sa transforme activitatea de spelling intr-un moment distractiv si interesant de la orele de engleza.

Learning to spell helps a child to develop a strong connection between the letters and their sounds and learning high-frequency ‘sight words’ (i.e. words that can not easily be sounded out) will assist a child in both their reading and writing.

Spelling forces the brain to synthesize its knowledge of a word—to reconcile how the word sounds, how it looks, and how it employs the rules and idiosyncrasies of our language. This is a highly beneficial skill.

Tuburile sunt la fel de recomandate si potrivite pentru activitati de stimulare auditiva sau jocuri care dezvolta comunicarea, abilitati personale si sociale. 

Am pregatit si 2 filmulete de orele de engleza unde am folosit talking tubes:

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